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you dont know why you need programming skills? besides being the highest paid of all the computer related jobs, programming will increase your abilities to appreciate life's tuffest challenges and solve them even outside of the confines of computing.
there are probably more than ten reasons for you to learn programming.

you know what the old proverb says

 experience is the best teacher
we expect you to interact with our tutorials and do practice on just everything.
tutorial hights is commited to helping you find your feet in to programming.
we recommend that you handle one language at a time. also feel free to share our page with your amigos who are new to programming.

TUTORIAL HIGHTS is an initiative of Bazil Onen
a junior programmer at Oysters and Pearls
Oysters and Pearls is a charity organization commited to offering free opportunities for sight impaired individuals to explore the heros in them.
the tutorials here are relevant for screen reader users, but also useful for other programmers.
choose from the list below and start programming.